How to Choose a Hair Product that is Right for You!

How to Choose a Hair Product that is Right for You!

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Choosing the right product seems like a simple task, but nowadays with so many different options, it has become a confusing one. Ever hear of the saying “too much of a good thing, can be a bad thing”?  Picking a product shouldn’t be overwhelming; it should be a hassle-free experience that helps you to look and feel your best.  Fortelli for Men is here to break it down for you in our low-maintenance guide that best suits your style needs.

The Basics


  • Holds Shape
  • Leaves hair shiny
  • Strong-hold / less hold for workable hair

Fortelli for Men recommends: Eufora Hero Firm Hold Gel


  • Can be used to create a versatile look
  • Matte or shiny finish
  • Defined, dry, and extreme styles
  • No Flakiness
  • Great for creating a “dapper” look

Fortelli for Men recommends: Davines Strong Dry Wax


  • Adds texture to hair without hardening it
  • Can be applied to damp or dry hair
  • Long lasting
  • Great for rework able styles

Fortelli for Men recommends: Eufora Molding Paste, Davines Medium Hold Pliable Paste

Shampoo/ Thickening Elixir

  • Re-constructs and strengthens hair
  • deep cleansing from root to tip
  • adds moisture and intense body
  • leaves hair thicker, full, healthier

Fortelli for Men recommends:  Eufora Hero Complete Shampoo, Eufora Hero Thickening Elixir

Still not sure which product would be best for your hair? If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call us at 905-847-0706. Our stylists are always happy to share their expertise with you.