Completing Your Look From Head to Toe!

Completing Your Look From Head to Toe!

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In this day and age, men understand the importance of what it means to look and feel good. It’s no longer just the ladies who love the spa. Let’s face it; taking pride in your appearance is an attractive quality and the stigma around “manpering” (pampering for men)  is a thing of the past.  Now that summer is just around the corner, it means flip flops, bare feet, and exposed toes.  Now some of you are already familiar with the benefits of taking care of your nails, but for those of you who still have mixed feelings about going to the spa, we are here to change your mind. Be prepared to form a healthy habit!

A pedicure will keep your feet healthy.  Your feet can be a breeding ground for bacteria and a pedicure will help get rid of the icky stuff that lies beneath.  A pedicure can remove dead skin that has the potential to lead to infections.

Helps to eliminate and control foot odour.  A regular pedicure can help to get rid of pesky odour.  The bottom of your feet don’t always get the air they need to breathe and this can lead to a not so nice odour, but luckily a pedicure can help to rejuvenate your feet and leave them smelling fresh!

Stops the growth of ingrown nails.  If you cut your toe nails the wrong way or let them grow too long, you risk the possibility of an ingrown nail and trust us when we say they are PAINFUL! Leave it up to a professional to cut your toe nails, and cut them even.

Aesthetically pleasing! A pedicure can stop your toe nails from yellowing and keep your nails even.  A pedicure will help to make you feel better and get people to notice your feet for the right reasons.

Fortelli and Fortelli for Men offers products that can help eliminate everyday foot problems. We have a wide variety of products to take care of your foot needs.

Just to name a few: Gehwol‘s Callus Cream,  Footlogix deodorant Foot spray, Footlogix Shoe Deodorant, Footlogix cracked heel formula, Footlogix Dry Skin Anti-Fungal Formula

If you have any questions regarding which product is best for you or to book a pedicure, call us at 905-847-0706. One of our highly trained estheticians will be happy to be of service!