Relax while your nails are given special attention with a manicure or pedicure designed just for the guys.

Our spa staff welcomes you to relax in this male sanctuary and watch the news or sports as we massage and groom your nails. Pedicures restore and rejuvenate tired feet while Manicures prepare hands to look clean and sleek from boardrooms to bedrooms.  We also offer nail services for special occasions, like weddings, proms, graduations, presentations, etc.  Check out our men’s spa packages which include our salon or sport manicures and pedicures.



Our manicures are perfect for the well groomed man. Nail care includes focusing on problem areas including cuticles and dry skin. Our Manicures include nail shaping and cuticles and a quick massage. If you are looking for some extra care, try our Spa Manicures which includes nail shaping, cuticles, an exfoliation scrub, hydration mask, followed by a relaxing hand massage.

manicure for men oakville burlingtonManicure 

30 min- $35
*Add Paraffin $10

Sport Manicure 

*Add paraffin $10 



Relax in our comfortable and massaging ‘lounge’ chairs while soaking your over worked feet in our warm, soothing whirlpool basins. Your nail care professional will focus on areas of concern such as dry areas, hard skin, and cuticles.This service also includes an exfoliation scrub, hydrating mask, cleansing, nail shaping, and is followed by a relaxing foot massage.


45 min- $50
*Add paraffin $10

Sport Pedicure

1 hour – $65

*Add paraffin $10