Healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp.

hair scalp treatments oakvilleYour hair gets damaged by styling, chemicals in coloring, and substandard shampoos. Your hair and scalp are exposed to pollution and the elements. Protecting your scalp and hair follicles is necessary to prevent hair loss, especially as you get older.   Keep your hair healthy by doing regular scalp treatments to restore moisture and vitality.  Fortelli for Men has specialized treatments for damaged, thinning or stressed hair.

Suffering from an itchy or oily scalp or dandruff?   An excessively oily scalp can occur when the follicles secrete excess sebum, causing dandruff. Fortelli for Men also has treatments that can help if you have an oily or itchy scalp.  Keeping your scalp clean, balanced and nourished will help keep your hair fuller and healthier.

The friendly experts at Fortelli for Men are happy to recommend treatments based on your hair and scalp. We use Davines sustainable hair care products in all of our well being treatments analysis.

By adding a custom scalp treatment to your salon service, it will not only strengthen and protect your hair but leave it shiny and manageable.  We can also recommend shampoos, conditioners and styling products that will help restore and protect your hair.  Whether you are looking for prevention or a cure, we can offer solutions.  Get a problem free scalp, healthier hair and better hair growth with our professional scalp treatments.


Damaged hair

We recommend our Nourishing Treatment to improve strength, shine, and repair the

Oily Scalp and Hair

Try our Rebalancing Treatment to improve body and manageability.

Thinning Hair

We feature our advanced Revitalizing Treatment.

Stressed Hair

Our essential urban Detoxifying Mud Treatment works to eliminate product build-up & restore environmentally stressed hair.

Prices start at $40