Hair Removal for Men

Men’s current style trends call for a groomed look. As a result, more men are getting rid of unwanted hair on their backs, ears, chest, hands, feet  and more. Fortelli for Men’s trained staff provide customized solutions for hair removal in a clean and comfortable ambience.


Shaving can’t provide the more effective and lasting reduction of unwanted hair like waxing can. We use premium quality wax, premium exacting application techniques, and can even remove very short hairs. Our hot wax is even suitable for sensitive skin.


Fortelli for Men is now proud to offer sugaring services for hair removal.  This ancient process has been used for centuries.  Sugaring is less painful than other hair removal methods since it doesn’t pull the skin.  We use Alexandria Professional Sugaring Formulas which seep into hair follicles so the hair slides out more easily.  Sugaring is less likely to cause irritation and can be used on sensitive areas.

Pricing for Waxing/Sugaring

men's hair removal oakvilleEyebrows $15
Nose $10
Arms $30+
Ears $10
Neck $25+
Chest $45
Back $45
Legs $70
Shoulders $30+
Full Leg $70
Half Leg $55



Hair removal has gone high tech with better and longer lasting results.

For the longest lasting effects, try our Intense Pulse Light services. IPL is a laser technology used to remove hair in a relatively painless method. This advanced light therapy can permanently reduce hair growth after multiple treatments. Intense Pulse Light uses precise amounts of light energy for hair removal or correction of hyper pigmentation.

Intense Pulse Light is able to safely and effectively reduce hair growth with little to no downtime with long lasting results.  Laser hair removal directly targets the melanin in the hair shaft and raises the temperature to destroy the hair bulb and follicle while leaving the skin around it unharmed.

The unique cooling mechanism allows the hair to heat up, disable hair growth, while cooling the surrounding skin, making the procedure nearly painless. IPL is safe and more effective than other means of hair reduction, such as shaving or waxing and has longer lasting results.

In order to catch hairs at the optimal growth period, IPL treatments must be done during a 2 week span and range from 7-10 sessions per service.

Price based upon consultation.