Sore muscles due to physical activity, sports, stress and other factors can slow a man down. To relax and relieve tension, come to Fortelli for Men for a relaxation massage.

Our trained massage therapists apply the correct amount of pressure to relax muscles that retain tension and soreness. A calming blend of natural oils is used to soothe the skin and muscles.

Our massage techniques are customized to treat areas of the body that tend to harbour stress and pain. Pressure points in the back, shoulders, neck and body are manipulated to release toxic build up in the muscles. Feel rejuvenated with increased mobility after your relaxation massage.


30 min massage $45
45 min massage $60
60 min massage $75
90 min massage $90



Elements of the earth provide soothing heat and relief with this hot stone massage. The warmth from the hot stones penetrates muscles while releasing tension and promoting harmony within the body. Stones are strategically placed on the energy points of the body to release muscular tension and soothe aches and pains.


30 min $55
45 min $65
60 min $80
90 min $110