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With the messy stylish beach hair of the summer put behind us and the longer tasselled hair and thick beards of fall quickly fading away, it’s now the perfect time to start looking into what trendy men’s hairstyles await us for winter 2015/2016.

This season there is a variety of different looks, but we found the most popular trending styles are the modern pompadour, fades, long hair, and yep, the man bun is still with us.

1. The Modern Pompadour

The pompadour by all means is not a new hairstyle. It has been with us for a long time. Long enough, that we can trace it back to whom the hairstyle was originally named after, and that was mistress of King Louie XV in the mid 1700’s, Madame de Pompadour. Then, if we shift our attention to the 1950’s we can see that even the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll himself, Elvis Presley, loved the look so much that he eventually took it to a whole new level. He turned this once feminine aristocratic look into the masculine, legendary, trendy, and iconic hairstyle that it has become today.

However, like its past, the pompadour is always evolving and has taken on a new look for this winter season. And rumour has it; it’s going to be the hairstyle of the year! Many celebrities such as David Beckham, Justin Timberlake, and Brad Pitt to name a few, are sporting the modern pompadour from their everyday look to walking the red carpet.

It’s important to know that there are many variations along with a slew of different ways to rock the pomp. So, we suggest before visiting one of our stylists you have a generally good idea of the type of style you hope to achieve.

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2.  Fades on Fades on Fades

The fade is another huge hairstyle to be hitting the runways this year in men’s fashion. Like the pomp there are a variety of different types of fades to choose from. The great thing about this look is you can get creative, as there are many ways you can play around with this hairstyle.


images (2)











Also, fades too are becoming a growing hit with celebrities around the globe. Whether it’s movie stars or professional athletes, fades seem to be a continually growing hair obsession amongst men. This is probably due to the versatility of the overall look.

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3. Long Hair and Don’t Care

Well, it’s safe to say if you’re still sporting longer hair from 2014 you may want to wait before making the decision to chop your locks. This winter we’re still seeing a surge of looks for men with long hair.

Although, growing out one’s hair can seem like a long and daunting process for some men they say you have to give it a go at least once in your lifetime.



There are many great benefits to growing out your manly locks. Put it this way, women dig it, and again, with the variety of different ways you can play with this look, why not give her a go at least once?

This year the look has landed itself anywhere between just below the ears to shoulder length. So, have you ever grown your hair out long? If not, let’s just say, this is the perfect season to experiment!

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4. The Man Bun

If you are a man who does prefer longer hair then you’re in luck! The man bun is sticking around for yet another year. You can thank the bohemian and hipsters alike for this laid back and sexy look.

As we have duly noted the man bun is by no means new to the hair scene. We have witnessed this look in many let’s say, shapes, forms, levels, and heights on many men over the last few years. One thing to keep in mind is, not all man buns work.

Also, I believe it’s safe to say we have all witnessed at least one guy with a bun that is an eye sore and just a plain old catastrophe to look at. Please don’t be ‘that’ man bun guy.


images (3)

With this style it’s best to take a less is more approach to the overall finishing look of your bun. The goal regardless of whether you want a smoother finish or a rustled messy look is to keep this style looking effortless. The less effort, the more on point and chic this style becomes.

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So what hairstyle will you be sporting this winter 2015/2016? Whether it’s the modern pompadour, fade, long hair, or the man bun our stylists are here with scissors in hand ready to create your next trendy hairstyle. To book your next appointment call 905-847-0706.